Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My First Lesson :D

I stood in front of the room with all eyes on me. I could feel myself start to sweat; I was so nervous! Who was I kidding, I was born to do this. I was born to teach. 

I was not too excited when I found out that I would be teaching multiplying and dividing fractions, but I decided that I would figure out a way to make it fun! Oh and multiplying and dividing fractions is way easier than adding and subtracting! So after searching Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers, I found some great activities and ideas (those sites are lifesavers!). One day, the students will play math bingo, and another day they will do an activity with dice. I also came up with the idea to hand out "Math Money" to students who correctly answered questions or problems. I am holding an "auction" at the end of my unit! :) 

Even though I was ridiculously nervous, I taught my first lesson today and it went really well! The students were engaged and excited. Some of the usually low achieving students were even "getting it" today. One particular girl was smiling ear to ear because she understood the concept and was getting every answer right. That made me feel great! Who cares if I was shaking inside, the kids didn't know that! Accidently dropping the SmartBoard Pad wasn't in the plan either... but oh well! I would say my first lesson was a success!


  1. I am glad that your lesson went well. I smiled as I read because it is easy to connect to that experience anytime something is new, whether it is first time in a new placement, first time at a new school, new content, etc.

  2. Engagement is the key to learning. Sounds like you had it going on.

  3. Wow, I imagine it was hard to come up with engaging ways to teach dividing and multiplying fractions. I too would be nervous. I found that for my lessons that I had to totally reteach myself the content, it is hard remembering everything we learned in elementary school. Glad it went well.

  4. It is so awesome that you are writing and reflecting on your teaching journey! Congrats on your first lesson. So exciting!!

  5. I am sure you did great! It's always difficult to know how it'll all turn out, especially with a tricky topic that must be taught like multiplying & dividing fractions. Pintrest and other sites are always SO helpful! I've found a lot of good sites within the past year that make everything so much easier when I'm planning/prepping for my lesson. P.S.- mathaids.com is a good one for math worksheets and other math stuff!

  6. There were times that I walked by your door and could hear you teaching away... :) you sounded confident and direct!! And everyone was having fun. You are doing awesome :) the math money is a great motivator!!! With an auction??? Super cool.

    1. Thanks girl! :) I think I am most excited for the auction! The kids are going to love it!