Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RC Cars and a Lego Movie

"I'm twelve and let me tell you, being twelve is rough! I wish I was two years younger again" The words "uh... okay" escaped from my mouth. I thought first graders said the darndest things, but sixth graders can definitely hold their own! I was worried that the sixth graders would not be as fun and challenging for me, but boy was I wrong. I am always amazed by what they say and what is "cool" right now. 

One of the students absolutely loves RC cars. Another students asked if I had seen the new Lego Movie. According to him, "it is totally awesome because it combines all of the movies into one!" Wow, I must really be missing out! Just today, one of the girls presented me with a Valentine's chocolate bar. Adorable! It is good chocolate too! I flipped the bar over and laughed. It said, "To: Mrs. Robinson" That's pretty close to Miss Roberts...right? Oh sixth graders, you are really growing on me! I cannot wait to see what else this term brings. :)

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  1. I loved my fifth graders, they have a totally different personality than the younger ones!